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ACS's Cash In Transit Safe Custody Banking services are carried out in an efficient, highly discreet manner designed to provide peace of mind and minimise disruption to your business.


To establish best practice standards, ACS provides their clients with sealable "tamper proof" satchels that ensure the authenticity and integrity of their valuables during transport. 

At your convenience and chosen location, ACS collects your pre-prepared satchels. With the help of your representative/s, ACS's CIT Guards will confirm the number of satchels and their seal numbers with the information documented on the safe custody dockets and sign off on accepting your deposit.

Your valuables are then securely transported to your nominated bank for processing. At the deposit stage, bank staff confirm the number of satchels and coresponding seal numbers with the safe custody docket before signing off as receiving your deposit intact.

Your valuables are fully insured and secured at all times while under ACS's protection, additionally our expert security personnel are armed and dedicated to ensuring the safekeeping of your valuables.

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